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What is The Grund Club? Today, I would like to properly introduce you this project that is particularly important to me and that I am following from the beginning. My friend Lata Gouveia wrote this really clear presentation below and the full version is available at The Grund Club Facebook page, waiting for the website to come (soon)  >>

“The Grund Club started unofficially in 2013. Lata Gouveia, a singer-songwriter who arrived from Austin (Texas) in 2012 had become a regular on the Luxembourgish music scene and was missing both Austin and the Oklahoma Red Dirt scene that he had been a part of during the noughties. (…) The first singer-songwriter event organized by Lata was on the 20th of September 2013 (…) and by September 2014 Lata had set up a backing band to support the guest songwriters. (…) In October 2015 an asbl was set up for the newly…

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