The Grund Club Songwriters: messy thoughts about a project that is very dear to my heart

It isn’t a glamorous place. It looks like a work in progress and that is exciting. More exciting then one may think. Think about it: when was the last time you were part of a work, a project in progress. When was the last time you have been able to witness something that wasn’t there before, evolve into something that is bound to stay? When was the last time you felt like you could actually be part of something? And now, close your eyes and picture a room full of people who have nothing else in common but that excitement about something new. Do you feel it yet?

The club is there to recruit. The club wants songwriters from Luxembourg. The club is looking for new sounds, new voices, new points of view. The club isn’t there to intimidate. The place is there to make you feel at home. Yet, the part that frightens you, that makes you feel at risk, that’s the part you have to listen to. That is the part of your soul saying: “you have something to offer, something to say”! Listen to it, take it along and you will be fine.

I remember the first time I sat down on that fateful stool, back in the Liquid days. A bunch of people sitting in front of me, expecting me to deliver, something. I delivered something of me, it is all I could do. And it was scary as hell. But the attention you get, the eyes fixed on you as you burst into songs about your soul, that is priceless. It makes you feel bonded, grand and beautiful. Music is sharing, if not, it’s not worth it. Never!

There’s no jury, no good or bad: there’s an effort or none, there’s earnestness or there isn’t. There is the desire to make music or there isn’t. Those are the distinctions you will have to make.

You’ll find a teacher, as you’ll try to be a student. You’ll learn how to play and sing and perform. And you’ll have people taking you by the hand, “showing you the ropes”. In the end though, all it comes down to is this: are you a songwriter? Well, then, bring it!

So, are you curious at all? Then join us on the 23rd and check it out! If nothing else to meet that weird person who wrote these very cryptic lines (which only proves one thing: everything goes in life, as long as you do it with conviction!) 🙂

What? : The Grund Club Songwriters @ Inauguration HARIKO

When? : Friday, October 23rd, 6pm

Where? : Bâtiment SOGEL – 1, Dernier Sol L-2543 Luxembourg – 5 min de la Gare de Luxembourg, via la passerelle

Kraft und Liebe,


P.S.: Lata Gouveia is giving a free introductory course on the many aspects of being a singer-songwriter – For more info: WORKSHOP: BEING A SINGER-SONGWRITER