As you can gather from the picture above, our last concert was rather… Incredible! I had never performed in front of so many people before and I had been on edge for weeks. I was nervous and excited. I knew that everything would come down to this precise moment, this one moment in which you enter the stage. You never know what you’re going to feel. You can get even more nervous, you can get tired, sad, happy, etc. On July 12th something rather magical happened. We, as a band, stepped on stage and all we felt was excitement and pure joy. All I could see was a sea of people. And once I got through the first song a wave of energy came my way. There is no way of describing how that felt. I am so very grateful for having the opportunity of experiencing moments like these. And I am especially lucky as I am able to share these moments with my better half and my family on stage! I will never forget those moments spent on stage, just as I won’t forget the generosity of my fellow musicians backstage. The comradeship and solidarity behind the scenes is not something the audience is particularly aware of. That is partially due to the fact that the so called “press” likes to critique all kinds of aspects of an event: the venue, the sound, the weather, etc. You seldomly read critiques of the actual performances . And so it may seem to the audience that we musicians spend our time bickering and complaining about everything that’s not related to the music. That is not the experience I have made. All I experience is a true collaboration between musicians, an honest joy to share the stage with each other and the expression of a genuine joy for other people’s success. That’s why I am grateful that Lugdivine came with us on July 12th to take some pictures of us interacting behind the scenes. That way people will hopefully understand that we don’t take anything for granted and that we were very aware of the unique opportunity we were given. We had fun all the way! We constantly had a smile on our faces!

So, if you wish to relive this experience with me, I invite you to look at the amazing pictures Lugdivine took and to watch the song “Keep on walking” that our friend Marc recorded on his phone.

Thank you for reading, watching and listening! Cheers! 😉