Summertime! We made it! We got there! 🙂

One month to go before I leave the blue house behind and go away for four weeks. Don’t know where we’re going yet, we just know that we are going!

But, before we get there, there are still a lot of things that need to be done. Most of which are pleasant things. The most important step this year has been made: I got married! And we moved into our home. I am officially boring! You are welcome, world! 🙂

All pleasantries aside, I wanted to let you know about upcoming events that I will be part of and as always I hope to see you all there!

First: the The Grund Club Songwriters is back, with a summer edition. It will take place at the Brasserie le Neumünster. We start at 8 pm. This time you can expect following artists on stage: Thorunn Egilsdottir, Kevin Heinen, Marc Welter, Sven Sauber, Priscila Da Costa, Sitta Foehr, Chantal Gottschalk, Luca Sales, Tom Heck, Lata Gouveia, and I’m sure I forgot a few… And since I can’t help myself, I’ll be hopping on stage too! 😉

IRINA will be pretty busy: on July 10th we’ll be in Hesper for the Rock am Park and, as the highlight of the year and my career so far, we will be performing at the Rock um Knuedler 2015, at 8.30 pm, on the lion stage! We are already hyperventilating and I haven’t been this excited about something in a long, long time! We’ll need as much support from all of you as possible!

Until then, I hope that you get some sun, some fun and most importantly some, if not a lot of, music!

Love and Strength,