For all those who love to write songs, for all those who love to listen to songs, this is for YOU:

The Grund Club Songwriters


What’s it all about, you ask? Here’s your answer:

The Grund Club asbl is a non-profit organization founded in 2015 in Luxembourg City.

The main objective of this association is to source, document, interpret, promote and maintain a catalogue of original songs written by a broad community of poets and musicians, mostly from Luxembourg and its surrounding Greater Region.

The creation of this organization stemmed from the assessment that, whilst Luxembourg has developed plenty of infrastructure to support musical performances and musical education in recent years, and whilst it has also embraced other forms of support for musicians, such as the many open-air musical events and even a music export bureau, there is still something missing in Luxembourg in terms of what I would call a “grassroots musical movement” that can bring to light the kind of content that is also a factor of cultural integration, a deeper shared sense of cultural identity. Luxembourg has yet to find its own “sound”… but it will.

This question of “contenue vs contenant” is widely acknowledged amongst those involved in the music sector in Luxembourg. And I believe that, given the specificity of the country, this gap cannot be filled by the music schools and existing cultural structures. The type of content I am referring to cannot be legislated or bought into existence. A performance hall or a music school can be planned and paid for, but a song that can impact a community and cut across generational, linguistic and cultural divides… songs like that cannot be bought, taught or commissioned.

There is much music in Luxembourg, some of it of excellent quality and in step with global trends and international standards. But there are various demographic factors that go against the development of long lasting and widely shared content, such as our multi-lingual reality, the huge share of our transient population, and even the “flight to University” amongst a certain age group.

However, at the Grund Club we are carefully developing a specific method of musical collaboration that is bringing artists together in a unique way. We believe that by giving priority to the quality and life span of songs, rather than to the skills and career aspirations of the individuals, we can find and encourage a deeper community spirit amongst our musicians and our population at large.

Other institutions are nurturing and educating our musicians, providing technical and career guidance, providing exposure and support. We are adding value by bringing them together and demonstrating that “a great song is great in any style an can outlive its creator”

We estimate that we will collect on average 40 to 50 songs per year. Additionally, we keep a selection of those songs alive through the regular performances and record releases of our Grund Club Songwriters, bringing together great songs, great artists, great voices and some of the best musicians that Luxembourg can offer. So, please support us. Sincerely,

Lata Gouveia,

On April 17th The grund club songwriters are coming to Centre Culturel de Rencontre Abbaye de Neumünster!

This session will be hosted by Irina Holzinger and Priscila Da Costa. It will feature as guest songwriters Peter Varkonyi, Sid Mysore and Pol Dechmann. And they will be backed by the fantastic Club Band.

For the jam session at the end, you can also expect Lata Gouveia to join the celebration.

You’ll hear original songs only!

Tickets are 12 Euros at the door or 10 Euros if reserved in advance. For people wishing to eat and get a table close to the stage, please contact us on this Facebook page for reservations.

Here’s the link to the event created on Facebook:

The Grund Club Songwriters – Spring edition