Lovely lunvision has captured a little bit of IRINA’s concert last June! Thanx for the memory! ;-*

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Enjoying summer time while performing in various places – what else? IRINA participated in the Live am Park Festival 2014 in Luxembourg on June 6, 2014 and it was really relaxing for me: on a sunny Friday afterwork, going Differdange & sitting down on the grass with a cold bier and..forgetting a little bit about the everyday life routine: simply, enjoy the music. Peaceful & at the same time fulfilling & refrehsing – good energy! Thank you 🙂 The next gig I will see Irina, Kim, Bob, Davide & Erny on stage will be at Rock de Schleek festival on August 15, 2014 in Machtum, Luxembourg and I can’t wait! The area where they will perform is charming –  a tiny typical Luxembourgish village along the Mosel river & the wine road. For now, I invite you to listen to IRINA – “Let me cry” at Live am Park, and sorry it’s shaky, only the…

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